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Jan. 7th, 2023 07:17 pm
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1. I Believe I Can Fly; R. Kelly
There are miracles in life I must achieve
But first I know it starts inside of me

2. I Can Go the Distance; Hercules OST
I will find my way
I can go the distance
I'll be there some day
If I can be strong

3. Holding Out for a Hero; Bonnie Tyler
I'm holding out for a hero til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life

4. Down; Jason Walker
I thought I could fly
So why did I drown
I'll never know why it's coming down down down

5. What I’m Looking For; U2
I have spoke with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was warm in the night
I was cold as a stone
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

6. Tomorrow; SR-71
I'm not afraid of tomorrow
I'm only scared of myself
Feels like my insides are on fire
And I'm looking through the eyes of someone else

7. It’s Not Over; Daughtry
I try to see the good in life
But good things in life are hard to find

8. Somewhere I Belong; Linkin Park
I wanna heal, I wanna feel like I'm close to something real
I wanna find something I've wanted all along
Somewhere I belong

9. Chasing Cars; Snow Patrol
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Will you lie with me and just forget the world?

10. Crash and Burn; Savage Garden
'Cause there has always been heartache and pain
And when it's over you'll breathe again
You'll breathe again

11. I’m Still Here; Treasure Planet OST
Now you know me, and I'm not afraid
And I wanna tell you who I am

12. Hero; Nickleback
Someone told me love would all save us
But how could that be, look at what love gave us

13. Boulevard of Broken Dreams; Green Day
I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the borderline
Of the edge and where I walk alone

14. Beside You; Marianas Trench
Trust in me, trust in me
I'm just trying to keep this together
Because I could do worse and you could do better

15. Great Escape; Kevin Rudolph
I wasn't happy for so long
So many times I walked away
Think I was searching for something
Not knowing what I had to face
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