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Originally written in 2007

For one who grew strong from the people surrounding him, being alone was a devastating feeling for Peter. His daily "visits" from Elle didn't help at all. It was obvious that to her, Peter was nothing more than a pet she was training to be submissive and masochistic. The treatment was at least having the effect of dwindling his spirit. He was cut off from every other human interaction... and when he thought about what happened to Nathan, a part of him was convinced he deserved it.

Adam's voice was like water in the desert. Here was someone who was like him: cut off from the world, all because he was labeled as "dangerous" by those in the Company. Peter at least was truly a danger; he simply couldn't imagine what a pleasant man like Adam could have done to keep him locked away for thirty years. It didn't even really matter. The point was, he wasn't alone in here.

"Adam, she's gone." Once they exchanged names, they were instant friends. Peter needed someone else because that was just his personality; Adam needed it because of the long years without another voice.

"Aren't you tired of this yet, Peter?" Adam asked him. "Day after day locked away in here, with only that woman as a visitor?"

"I have to stay here," Peter insisted. "They can keep me safe from everyone." Those words were answered by laughter. Peter closed his eyes and tried to imagine what Adam looked like. He played that game a lot in his spare time.

"You don't sound very dangerous at all," Adam said.

"Neither do you," Peter replied, "yet they kept you locked in here for thirty years." He rested his back against the wall of his cell and imagined Adam was doing the same.

Adam had a distinctly British sound to his voice, pleasant and warm. He never heard anyone visiting Adam, so Peter imagined the man to look very sad and lonely. The mental image was fated to be all he would ever see of his friend.

"What's on your mind, Peter?" Adam wondered. Peter smiled a little at the question. Somehow Adam must have sensed the empath's need to talk.

"My brother. He's on my mind a lot, actually. I worry about him. He was... hurt, and even though I made sure to put him in a hospital, I... I just want to make sure he's okay." He didn't need to be seen for Adam to understand the anxiety he felt.

"I could help him," Adam mentioned after a thoughtful pause.

"Y..you what?" Peter turned quickly to stare at the wall that separated them. It was a futile gesture since Adam wouldn't see him anyway, but his desperation for hope was too strong to care.

"I could help him," Adam repeated. "If there was a way for us to escape from here, of course. You see, Peter, I have a special gift of healing. I can make it so that your brother is completely healed."

"You would really do that for me?" Peter could hardly believe what he was hearing. This man he only knew by voice was offering to help save Nathan. Those horrible burns from Peter could go away as if they'd never happened... Peter rested his forehead against the cold wall, willing for his gratitude to seep through and embrace Adam.

"Of course I would, Peter," Adam replied gently. Peter could almost imagine the man touching his side of the wall, judging where Peter would be. "You are the first person who has spoken kindly to me in thirty years. It's only right that I help you." Peter felt overwhelmed. If they were in the same room, he was sure he'd be hugging Adam by now.

"Thank you," he mumbled, just loud enough for Adam to hear him. "You have no idea how much that means to me." If Adam really could help Nathan, Peter would owe him. But Adam seemed so nice that he already decided he would do whatever his new friend asked of him.

"First things first: we need to plan our escape from here," Adam said.

"Right," Peter agreed. "Just tell me what to do."

On the other side of the wall, Adam smirked.


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