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Originally written in 2007

The plan was almost laughably simple. Of course, he did have thirty years to think about it. From what Peter told him, that boy was the only one who could get them both out of this place. Very fortunate for Adam. All Peter had to do was stay smart and the plan would work.

"You have to pretend to be an obedient prisoner for a bit longer," he explained to his faceless friend. "Make that girl think you're taking the 'Haitan pills', then once she's out of the room spit them out and get rid of them. Make sure there is no suspicion that you've stopped taking them."

Adam had figured out long ago that he couldn't escape by himself. He tried many times over the years but it did no good. Peter had all the skills necessary to get them both free. Adam had waited a very long time for Peter to show up. He was looking forward to seeing what this boy looked like.

-- --

Peter tested daily to see if his powers were coming back. Adam told him to so they would know when to make their escape. He always reported back "nothing yet" when Adam asked him. But as the days went by he started hearing something. Sometimes it was music, sometimes it was meaningless words in Japanese, sometimes it was Adam's voice talking about things... Peter could hear the man's thoughts.

"Peter," Adam called out loud. "Well...?"

"Nothing yet," he lied. He knew it was an invasion of privacy, but this was the best way to get to know his mysterious friend. It wasn't as strong as usual but he could pick up on a few things. The music in Adam's head was an interesting mix. As one would expect from someone who lived through four centuries. Peter heard classical, oriental, even some Beatles. The thoughts themselves were interesting... and largely about Peter.

What does he look like? was the main thought. But throughout the day, other thoughts came through. He's pacing again. Must be feeling restless; Elle's shocking him again; I should say something to him; and so on.

It was understandable for Adam to wonder about his new friend. Peter thought about Adam quite a bit. But Peter could hear the loneliness in Adam's thoughts. And why not? It had been thirty years since he'd had companionship. Peter pressed his hands against the walls, wanting to reach out and touch Adam. Wanting to let him feel the warmth of another person.

To Peter's great alarm, his hand slid through the wall as if it were made of air. He jerked it back again. When had he gotten that power? He had no idea...

"Adam! Adam, I have great news!" Always so excitable, Adam thought with an amused tilt.

"What is it, Peter?"

"I can move through walls! I mean... it's only a little now, but once my powers come back I should be able to walk right through!"

"That is great news," Adam said. Peter imagined he was smiling. Then, the two of them had the exact same thought: I can finally see his face.


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