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Mar. 4th, 2013 06:45 pm
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Originally written in 2008

This was the first time he ever exchanged a kiss with another man. That wasn't to say he wasn't a bit curious about it. It was just that... just like a first kiss with a woman, he wanted his first kiss with a man to be something special. And there was nothing more special than kissing the man he'd grown to care for so quickly on the eve of their escape. It was so fitting; it felt so right.

Adam gently broke out of the kiss to allow them time to breathe. Peter kept his hands locked around the older man's neck. He closed his eyes and tried to listen to his companion's thoughts. All he could pick up was a sense of pleasure. Then, Adam thought Peter's name in an aching way that made his heart beat faster.

"I didn't expect that," Adam said quietly. Peter blinked his eyes open to see Adam staring back at him thoughtfully. "Did you do that because of what you heard in my head, Peter?"

"No. Well... not entirely." Peter blushed awkwardly and lowered his eyes. "There's just something about you that... I really like." He felt Adam's fingers brush against his jaw. He glanced up, and once more his lips were meeting with Adam's. He drew himself closer wanting to feel Adam's body against his. It wasn't just a desire to give Adam what he missed for so many years. This was Peter's own need for intimacy.

Peter... god. Adam broke away again, this time rising to his feet and making some distance between them. Peter quickly got on his feet too. He couldn't hear what Adam was thinking. "I like you, Peter," Adam told him. "Not just because you are the first friendly person I've met in thirty years. I like you because of your caring heart, your selfless nature, and of course your desire to help others."

"Then why do you keep moving away?" Peter asked. "Did I misunderstand something?"

"No, not at all. I do want you, Peter. I just don't want you to think it's because I haven't been with anyone for thirty years." Peter's heart felt like it was in his throat. Adam just said he wanted Peter. He never expected a man like Adam to desire him of all people. What was more, he wasn't jumping on Peter like any other sexually-deprived person would. Peter was attracted to the man already but this made him even more appealing.

"Besides," Adam continued, stirring Peter from his thoughts. "Aren't you forgetting about something?"

The thrill of escape and being here with Adam had driven everything else out of his mind. It took Peter a few seconds to realize what the man meant. "Nathan!" How could he have forgotten? But then, remembering Adam's lips on his, he found it had been very easy.

"Exactly." Adam drew close to him again, running his fingers through the younger man's short hair. "I promise you that in the right time and place, we will continue this. But right now it's more important to help your brother." He pressed a chaste kiss on the empath's mouth.

Peter didn't know what to say. He'd never known a person to be so thoughtful before. Adam's goal was to stop the Company and save the world, but he was willing to put that on hold for the sake of Peter's brother. His heart had been so guarded since Simone died but with Adam, it was eager to break down those walls and let the man inside. Adam was right, though: Nathan came first.

He placed his hand on Adam's shoulder. He pictured Nathan's hospital room in his mind and called on his power of teleportation. With Adam there it seemed easier for him to focus, and when he opened his eyes he found them exactly where they needed to be.

It had been months since he'd last seen Nathan. The radiation burns hadn't changed a bit. Tears burned in his eyes but he didn't look away. It was his fault Nathan was like this and he needed to face that. Peter tried to hear his brother's thoughts, but all he got was silence. He felt a warm hand on his shoulder and instinctively turned toward it.

"I can't comfort you now, Peter," Adam said in a gentle yet firm voice. "We need to hurry if we want to help your brother. You're a nurse, right? Inject my blood into his IV. That will help him."

"Okay." Peter wiped away the tears and set to work. Adam always seemed to know exactly what to do. He did what Adam told him and held his breath, hoping it would work. Almost the instant Adam's blood went into Nathan's veins, Peter saw an improvement. The damaged skin began to repair itself before his eyes. Adam kept feeding his blood until Nathan was completely restored.

"Nathan..." Peter reached his hand out, running his fingers through his brother's hair. It was like the explosion never happened. Nathan looked handsome and whole, like he was just asleep. He turned and smiled at Adam. No words were good enough to describe how he was feeling. "You're my hero," he said at last. "I don't know how I could ever repay you."

Adam just smiled and ran his fingers through the boy's hair. He was careful to block the thought, but he already knew exactly how to call in Peter's debt.


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