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Originally written in 2008

He sat on the edge of the bar, nursing his shot of vodka. A band was playing but it was more background noise to him than actual music. While he waited a number of possibilities ran through his head as to why his companion was taking so damn long. But the one that flirted with his mind the most was the most worrying: the boy had been captured.

He and Peter had to quickly part ways after healing Nathan. Their plan was to meet in Montreal, though Adam never fully explained why he would pick that particular place. There was the obvious reason of foreign laws protecting them. But there was another reason, one that Adam had been building to ever since he saw Peter's face. It worried him that all his hard work would be completely wasted.

Adam checked his watch and decided to have another go at their meeting spot. He took down the shot of vodka, paid for his drink, and headed out of the bar. The Canadian air felt good on his exposed skin. He stuck his hands in his pockets and took his time walking the streets. The clothes he and Peter were now wearing were stolen property, but Adam had worked his charms on the boy to convince him it was best. They couldn't go around in the Company-issued prison wear, after all.

He smiled remembering that moment when Peter phased into the store and came back out with their new clothes. The boy had committed a crime because Adam told him to. Adam's plan was on the brink of becoming reality when they were separated. Now he had no idea where Peter was or what the Company could be doing to him. Adam knew the Company well and felt justifiably worried. Without Adam to influence him, Peter could very easily turn, and Adam would never have a chance to cleanse the world.

Adam arrived at the meeting spot, pushing the door open and stepping inside. He hovered in the shadows as he scanned the area. Stepping further out confirmed his suspicions: Peter still hadn't come. Adam felt his heart sink in disappointment.

He didn't even get a chance to kiss Peter goodbye.

... Now that was an unexpected thought. He knew how attracted Peter was to him and had been using that to his advantage. Adam's decision to meet here was part of that. The laws were different here, and if he could convince the boy to steal it would be easy to convince him of other things. But to think of Peter as more than a pawn, to worry on him on a purely personal level, to regret not holding him or kissing those lips before they separated... Adam didn't expect to have any of those feelings.

The truth was, Adam's heart was softening for the empath in a way that it hadn't done in four hundred years.

He quickly suppressed those thoughts and hurried out of the building. Clearly he needed another drink. He bumped people along the way as he walked so he could pick some pockets. To keep his thoughts busy, he relived his kill of Kaito Nakamura. It had been so satisfying to take out his revenge. Doubly satisfying to know it would put a dagger in Hiro's heart. He only wished Hiro could have been there to watch his father plummet to his death.

Adam had so much lost time to make up for; Kaito wasn't the only old "ally" he had to kill. He ran the list through his mind: Robert Bishop, Victoria Pratt, Maury Parker, Angela Petrelli... Yes, he could even kill Peter's mother. Maury Parker could take care of it so no blame would be placed on Adam. He would be there to comfort the empath and make the boy that much more dependant on him.

Thinking of Angela inevitably made his mind focus on Peter again. Wondering where he was, what he was doing, if he was all right. Worrying that he had been captured and locked up again. Dreading the thought of never seeing him again.

Adam shook his head trying to clear it. He would have to be careful. He opened his heart once and that led to it being ripped out of him. Never again. No matter what.


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