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Peter hadn't expected to be faced with something so difficult. Adam made everything seem so easy. Even something that should have been unthinkable-- like breaking and entering, theft, even murder-- was easy to overlook, even accept. They expected guards but with Peter's power and Adam's experience, they were nothing more than minor annoyances. They were faceless obstacles, easy enough to toss aside. Even when the face took on a familiar form, Peter found it remarkably easy to attack. Hiro threatened to hurt Adam and that was all the motivation Peter needed.

He never thought, however, that he would have his own brother standing against him. Nothing about this situation was easy. Nathan stood on one side and Adam stood on the other, and Peter stood unsure which to choose. Seeing Nathan again had been a shock he still hadn't fully recovered from. His brother had changed so much since he was left healed in his hospital room. The physical change Peter noticed instantly, but the changes ran deeper which gave Peter the excuse to gaze longer. He honestly hadn't given Nathan much thought until this moment, and now that they were face-to-face again, Peter felt his need for his brother come back strong as ever.

And then there was Adam. Adam, whose voice had been a comforting assurance that he wasn't alone in Hartsdale. Adam led him this far with his promise of a better future; that alone would've been enough to keep Peter loyal. But when Peter kissed those lips for the first time he was making a choice to follow Adam for purely selfish reasons. He loved this man, loved him more than anything, and would have followed him anywhere just to remain by his side. He always trusted Adam; even when he lost his memory a part of him believed in the attractive Englishman. We be of one blood, thou and I. They'd made love only hours ago. How could he possibly walk away from that?

He trusted Adam. He trusted Nathan. Two men he loved each showing him a path to take. But as he hesitated Adam went on, without Peter beside him. The man Peter loved and trusted took out the virus. Not to destroy it, as he made Peter believe, but to unleash it on the world and bring forth the future Peter had seen. The shock of that realization made his whole body go numb with horror. One death he could accept, but that virus would bring the death count into the billions. Peter didn't want to believe Adam capable of such a thing yet there it was, and it wouldn't go away.

Oh, shit, the virus! Peter grabbed it just in time but felt no sense of relief in its destruction. He'd done what he and Adam set out to do, but it had all been a lie. Tears burned in his eyes unable to escape. How much of it had been Adam using him? Their bonding through the walls of Hartsdale, Adam healing Nathan, the gentle words and caresses, the kisses, the aching need for Peter, how Adam had made love to him. Even that last word Adam spoke to him: aishiteru, which Peter was convinced meant "I love you". Had all of it been fake? Peter wanted desperately for it to be real, but how could he know for sure? He'd given Adam his love only to have his heart ripped out by the person he trusted the most.

Nathan stepped in to fill the place Adam left. Peter needed someone to anchor him and gravitated to his brother. The virus was destroyed and Nathan was ready to take down the Company. It was everything Adam made Peter believe he wanted. Peter imagined Adam to be the one standing making the speech to the world; that image didn't make the pain heal but it did distract him, and Peter always found distraction the best way to cope with grief. But he couldn't accept this fictitious Adam because he wasn't sure if he'd ever known anything other than a fake.

Peter hadn't expected to be faced with something so difficult. First losing one man he loved and now the threat of losing another. He couldn't lose Nathan again; he'd have nothing else to hope for. His mind, eager for something solid, settled on Adam. Adam's blood healed Nathan once before. He could do it again. Peter just hoped that the man he fell in love with truly existed. If not, there was nothing that could heal the damage done to his heart.

Somehow he knew exactly how to find his lover. Adam made everything seem so easy. Peter simply closed his eyes and pictured Adam. The man's image formed so realistically Peter could've believed him standing only a few feet away. He thought of the way Adam's eyes looked at him, and a shiver went through his body.

Nathan needed to be saved. But then, so did Peter. And Adam was his hero.
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