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It meant protection. Knowing the Master Words kept Mowgli safe whatever animal he faced in the jungle. We be of one blood, thou and I. That meant they were connected. Allies. Or had it been a subtle warning that Peter would need protection from Adam one day? That when Peter stopped using the Master Words, Adam would turn on him?

But Peter had spoken the real Master Word only moments ago. The one not taken from a book. The one that truly mastered Adam: aishiteru.

"Peter." He heard his name and disappeared, shutting his eyes. Yet somehow Adam still found him and with the touch of his hands on Peter's shoulders, he too was hidden from the world. Peter kept his eyes closed and his body stiff.

"What?" he answered grudgingly. He felt Adam's lips brush his neck and he couldn't help the pleasant shiver it sent through him.

"We be of one blood, thou and I."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Peter snapped. He could feel the rage boiling inside him. He refused to open his eyes and look at Adam. Because if he did it would be harder to hate him. "You saying you're the one who needs protecting from me?"

"Perhaps." Adam's mouth feathered kisses slowly up to the empath's ear. He tried not to react but the way his heart pattered and breath caught in his throat gave him away. "What do you think, love?"

"Don't call me that." He tensed up further though he hadn't yet pulled away from Adam's touch. He felt Adam's hot breath teasing his ear. His body betrayed him once again, his neck arching slightly. Peter thought he moaned a little too, though Adam breathing into his ear made it difficult to be sure.

"Why not?" Adam asked in a soft purr. God that purr went straight through Peter's spine. He knew this would happen if he freed Adam from his coffin yet he did it anyway. He was hopelessly drawn to the man. Even now, knowing what he knew, he wanted to give in.

"You..." He swallowed, trying to maintain composure. "You used me. All that time you were using me. I was just a tool." The hurt came back and he twisted out of Adam's grasp. "You're still using me," Peter accused.

"If you truly believe that, why did you come for me?"

A very good question. Adam had betrayed him. His friend, his partner, his lover. He'd gone against everything he made Peter believe he wanted. Adam should have stayed buried alive. Trapped in that coffin. Forced to die over and over with only his memories as company. Yet here he was now standing in the open air, freed by Peter.

"You didn't need me to help Nathan," Adam continued. "He's perfectly fine." Peter didn't respond. His eyes were open now but determinedly fixed ahead of him. This was how it started for them: Adam's voice speaking to him through a wall. Only this time, the barrier was figurative.

"I'm not," Peter responded at last. "What you did..." He took a slow, steady breath. "You hurt me. You lied to me. I loved you, Adam, and all this time you were--" He stopped, feeling Adam's warm hand on his shoulder. He turned his head away. Fingers touched his chin, turning his face to look at Adam at last.

The man gazed him with a desperate sort of sadness in his eyes. His hands shook slightly as they lifted to caress the empath's face. Fingers combed briefly through Peter's hair as Adam searched his features. The way he stared was as if he wasn't sure Peter was even real. Peter stared back fighting against the dual urges to hit and hug. At last Adam's hands dropped away.

"I thought perhaps I might be dreaming," he said. "Or hallucinating. But you really are here. I... I really am sorry for what I did to you, lo-- Peter." He noticed at once how Adam corrected himself. "Please believe I never wanted to hurt you."

"How can I?" Peter asked with a shake of his head. "How can I believe anything you say anymore? You've been lying to me since the moment we met."

"No." Adam was getting closer and before he knew what was happening their mouths were connected. Peter found himself responding. His lips were ready to part and let Adam in. But Adam broke away. "Never about that," Adam told him. "Don't believe anything else I've said to you if you want, but you need to believe that."

Peter let out a slow breath. Being so close to Adam, feeling his touch, the taste of his mouth still fresh on Peter's lips... he wanted to believe. He wanted so badly to find the man he fell in love with, and be assured that what Adam gave him back was genuine.

"First, there's something I need to hear from you. I need the Master Word. And mean it." Adam looked surprised, but the expression melted into a knowing smile. His hands reached forward again, locking themselves around Peter's body. His eyes met with his young lover's.


Peter smiled a little. "That one I'll believe."


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