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The sky looked glorious in the last moments of daylight. What was once blue now glowed orange and yellow, with bits of purple mixed in. Each sunset had its own unique beauty. Much like there were no two snowflakes exactly the same. A light breeze brushed against his cheeks. Even the wind played its part in creating a sunset. He was so absorbed he almost didn't hear the footsteps that warned of an approach.

"I thought you would be here."

"And why is that?" he asked, turning his head to glance at his companion.

"It has a good view of the sunset," came the response. He too turned his eyes on the fading light. "Last time you wanted to watch one of these with me, we never really managed it," he mentioned.

"Yes." The older man chuckled. "We were a bit preoccupied." The younger man grinned a little. That sight was always the one he would choose to watch. No one else smiled quite like that.

"Better late than never."

"How very true, love." He waited until the sun dipped its head down completely before rising to his feet. "Shall we go in now, Peter?"

"Sure, okay." At first they simply walked side by side, but eventually Peter's hand reached out to grasp Adam's. Their hands were always linked by the time they reached the apartment.

It was Adam who always locked the door. They never had any visitors yet he did it anyway. Perhaps it was his many years of being under surveillance in Hartsdale that made him more cautious. Whatever the reason, Peter had grown used to it and could only fully relax when he heard the lock click.

Once it had Peter fished out his cell phone from his jacket pocket. He flipped it open to check for messages. Adam watched him and was rewarded with another one of those fantastic smiles.

"I'm taking away your texting if you don't stop abusing it."

"If you would stop texting me back, I would stop abusing it," Adam retorted playfully. He moved up behind Peter, reaching around the empath's body to snap the cell phone shut. He tucked the device back into Peter's pocket so his hands would be free to lock themselves around the young man's waist. "Besides," he added, nuzzling up against the boy's neck. "I won't be having the pleasure of texting you for some time."

"Don't." Peter wormed his way out of Adam's arms. "Don't say it out loud, please. It's bad enough I keep thinking about it."

"Peter..." Adam's eyebrows went up in surprise. "We've already spoken about this. Are you having second thoughts?"

"No, not that," Peter said with a shake of his head. "You're right; it needs to be done. But what if this death changes things? What if... we're not together? Or..." He paused, biting his lip. "What if something worse happens? I know it's selfish but you're all I have, Adam. If anything happened to you..."

"It will change things, Peter," Adam explained gently. "That's the whole point. But nothing will change things between us. Nothing can anymore, remember?" He caressed the boy's cheek lovingly. "I will be here waiting for you when you get back. I promise. And if not here exactly, I know you will find me."

"Adam..." He gazed into the older man's eyes. The plan had already been set in motion but the time to leave came far too soon for Peter. He opened his mouth to try pleading with Adam to go with him, but they had already been over it. Peter had to go alone. Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that this might be their last night together.

Without a word exchanged Adam seemed to understand Peter's worry. Adam always seemed to understand. He bent his head forward and caught Peter's mouth in a soft kiss. Adam's kisses were addictive just like everything else about him. Peter responded with an eager demand for more. Which of course Adam was happy to give him. The kisses turned hungry, then desperate as passion sparked between them. It was so easy for Peter to get riled up with Adam. Sometimes all it took was a whiff of the man's cologne or the way Adam spoke his name.

"I have a confession, love," Adam whispered, breathing hotly against the boy's ear. "I often worried I would lose you. Those times we were together before our trip to Odessa? Each time I thought 'what if this is the last time I am with him?' Thinking that, I... did my best to make those moments count." Peter's body shivered at the memory. He somehow managed to finish pushing Adam's jacket off his shoulders and shed off his own.

"What about now?" he asked, swallowing slightly.

"There is nothing to worry about." Adam pressed a kiss on Peter's forehead. The empath's eyebrows twitched; Adam knew he hated that, and he tried turning his face away. But Adam's hands arrested him. "Stop that. I love the way you look. And I will be thinking about this face every moment you're gone." Peter's eyes lowered in embarrassment. Adam smirked and pressed a chaste kiss on his lover's mouth. "There is nothing to worry about," he resumed, "because I will never lose you."

"For someone who spent four centuries being a pessimist, you're sure confident about that," Peter noted.

"Your influence, love."

His hands picked up where Peter's left off, guiding off the empath's shirt so hands and lips could take advantage of the exposed skin. Adam knew Peter's body well enough by this point to seek out exactly where the boy was most sensitive. He loved the way the boy shivered under his fingers. Peter knew him too and once his shirt was on the floor those fingers were sending tingles up the older man's spine.

It was not always sex with them. Certainly they shared the same bed but some nights they honestly used it for just sleep. Peter would inevitably fall asleep first leaving Adam to admire the empath as he dreamed. Sometimes they simply talked to each other until the early hours of the morning. The sound of Peter's voice could make Adam ache with longing; Peter confessed that he felt the same way about Adam. More than likely this was because the voice was what attracted them both to each other in the first place.

"Bedroom?" Adam asked huskily.

"Yes," Peter responded at once.

Once they were in the room Peter telekinetically shut the door. Adam smirked at him and pressed a kiss on his mouth. The bed creaked as their combined weights were put on it. Adam kept his mouth occupied exploring his lover's. Peter was beneath him with his hips up to help pull his pants off. Peter's kisses were addicting yet Adam loved those noises his lover made. So he left the boy's mouth alone to pay attention to his jaw and neck instead.

Something about Adam made everything feel good for Peter. The way Adam's eyes darkened when he was aroused, how his teeth felt as the grazed across Peter's skin, the movement of his hands as they admired Peter's body... The brief chill that hit him once his body was completely bare didn't even register. Adam's hands heated him and when they traveled lower he lifted his hips to meet them.

Adam was in a teasing mood tonight. His lips dipped no lower than Peter's shoulders. He left marks all along the boy's neck that faded in an instant. As for his hands, they teased the inside of Peter's thighs but pulled back before getting too close. Peter made a frustrated sound and shifted his body to coax some friction. Adam responded with a smoldering look before moving his hand away.

"Adam!!" Peter pushed himself up to a sitting position. He loved being teased but his aching body wasn't going to put up with it for long this time. Tonight it was as if every nerve of his body was pulsing in need of Adam's touch. "Do you want me to beg?"

"No, love," the older man responded. "I want this to last." It was just like Adam to string this out as long as possible. His level of patience was astounding. So as usual Peter had to speed things along. He unbuttoned Adam's pants, zipping them down and pushing them off his lover's hips. As skin began to expose itself to him, Peter leaned forward to press his mouth there.

Adam made the most delicious noises. Peter loved finding new ways to coax them out. His hands held Adam's hips steady so the man wouldn't move around while he worked. He brushed his lips over his lover's stomach, his tongue leaving a wet trail going lower and lower. He could feel Adam's hand at the back of his head. Go on, Adam's thoughts encouraged him. Put that talented mouth of yours to use.

As always, Peter did as Adam asked. He still thought Adam was better at this than him but he was learning. His fingers ran delicately along Adam's hips and thighs while his mouth busied itself pleasing his lover. Peter hummed one of Adam's favorite songs so the man could feel the vibrations. Adam's hand pushed insistently and Peter responded by pressing his lips tighter around him. He would push Adam's hips back and Adam would push his head forward. Peter had made Adam come like this once but that wasn't his plan this time. He waited to feel how much his lover's desire was growing, then pulled completely away.

"Now who's teasing, love?" Adam asked him, smirking.

"Honestly, I'd rather feel you inside my body than inside my mouth," Peter answered, echoing the smirk. Adam's smile grew much wider at that and brought their faces together to kiss his lover.

"Agreed," he murmured in Peter's mouth. The boy's hands glided their way up to anchor into Adam's shoulders. His body was arching back until he settled on the bed again. Adam was nestled between his legs. Right where he belonged.

They'd done this many times in many different positions. Yet it was still exciting to see Adam hovering over him, his body building up in anticipation of what he would feel next. Since he could heal, Adam penetrating him always felt like he was being claimed for the first time. He gave himself to Adam and was marked as belonging only to him. The symbol hanging around his neck was visible proof of that.

The pace started slow. Then as their need for each other grew more desperate, Adam's thrusts grew stronger. Words had left them both to be replaced by excited breathing and occasional moans or gasps. That is, when their lips weren't busy pressing up against skin or meshing together in an intimate embrace. Peter didn't know what the future held for them. All he knew was that whatever happened, he would never let himself forget this moment. The feel, the smell, the taste, the sound of Adam.

They'd both been through so much pain and suffering to get here. They deserved this one last time before they saved the world.

It was always over before Peter was ready for it. But he was always compensated in the way Adam moaned out his name. They settled side by side, tasting each other's breath on their lips. Peter briefly nuzzled against his lover's neck, smiling as he felt Adam's hand run along the side of his body.

"Aishiteru, Peter," Adam murmured.

"Aishiteru, Adam," Peter responded. Their lips met in a soft kiss.

"Get some sleep," Adam said, stroking his young lover's cheek. "Tomorrow the future awaits us."


He calculated everything. Unlike last time, which was a mad dash to escape their pursuers, they separated with the path clear and unbarred. If it were anyone else Adam would have insisted on coming along. But he trusted Peter. Trust... the feeling was still strange for him. He'd gone so long trusting only himself, keeping even his closest comrades at a distance. The moment he heard that boy's voice, things started to change. The one thing he hadn't planned on was what ended up happening: the heart that he cut out all those years ago was healed back, and he was trusting it to another person.

Changing history was always a dream of his. Over his many years he tried making that dream a reality. He'd gotten close, but Adam wasn't the sort to be satisfied with "close". Then Peter came along. Something he'd been working toward for four centuries was finally within his grasp. Peter made it seem so easy. You and I are going to change history. Adam told his lover that once. And finally, they were.

Adam thoughtfully lifted his fingers to touch the chain that hung around his neck. A single gold ring dangled there. His finger ran over the engraving. Once again he was waiting for Peter to rejoin him. This time he had something of Peter's to hold onto while the empath was away. This time Peter would be coming back.

He had it all planned. But how could he have known that Claire was already waiting? That she knew what Peter was going to do? Or that she had already been told where to point the barrel of the gun before pulling the trigger?


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