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#01 Motion: The way her soft body moved underneath him had him mesmorized, and Peter felt amazed that in all of his fantasies of this moment, he couldn't picture the two of them moving together as perfectly as they did now.
#02 Cool: Peter plopped down tiredly and tried to fan himself with his hand to no avail, his lips licking his parched mouth as Sylar stood nearby, cool under the faux winter he was creating.
#03 Young: He resented to being called a "kid" by someone who didn't look much older than he, but Peter supposed that just about anyone was younger than Adam.
#04 Last: The entire world was devastated by the Shanti virus; he and Adam were the only ones that continued to heal, long after the rest of humanity died.
#05 Wrong: Peter trusted Adam when he said he wanted to save the world; he believed in him, followed him, loved him-- how could his heart be so wrong?
#06 Gentle: For a serial killer, Sylar's hands were surprisingly gentle as they felt over Peter's exposed skin.
#07 One: The world was filled with billions of people and yet it singled out this beautiful cheerleader as the one Peter had to "save", but in truth, she was the one who saved him.
#08 Thousand: He could try a thousand times for a thousand years but Peter had to face the grim fact that Caitlin was gone, and she wasn't coming back.
#09 King: The devastated world needed a leader and Adam-- named after the first human-- was a perfect candidate, but Peter absolutely refused to call him "your majesty".
#10 Learn: Claude was a remarkably impatient teacher as he tried to beat in Peter's lessons.
#11 Blur: When Adam tried to talk about his life, he described things in vague blurs as was expected for a man of such a long life; even Peter could understand that, and he hadn't lived nearly as long.
#12 Wait: Peter sometimes had dreams about a man in a suit who could fly, and though he cried out "wait", the man would always fly away again.
#13 Change: People saw him as a timid hospice nurse-- Claude called him a puppy, and Peter knew those perceptions were true; that's why he wanted to change.
#14 Command: The gleam in Sylar's eyes as Peter called him "master" showed just how much the killer was enjoying being in command.
#15 Hold: His father was dead and Peter didn't feel like crying, yet Nathan held him all the same.
#16 Need: It had been so long since either of them had any sexual attention that they were bound to hurt themselves in their desperation; even if they couldn't heal, Peter could care less.
#17 Vision: He used his gift to see the future and painted him and his brother doing something that... was not brotherly in the least.
#18 Attention: It was probably a plea for attention, but since Peter had little experience with teenage girls, he thought to indulge Claire just this once.
#19 Soul: Mohinder's father believed the soul to exist in the brain, and Peter often wondered if Sylar could see it when he stared at the empath.
#20 Picture: The picture told of two brothers in their best clothes smiling at the camera; it didn't tell of what happened later that night, of when "brother" became "lover" and their world was never the same.
#21 Fool: Caitlin had been eyeing him since they met and Peter was a fool for not doing something about it sooner.
#22 Mad: Peter was usually a calm individual, but Claude had a gift for pushing all of the empath's buttons.
#23 Child: Though he held a job, shaved, voted, legally drank alcohol, and lived on his own, Peter still clung to his brother like a child.
#24 Now: He was a dreamer who gazed out into the "what could be"; everyone else had to remind him to look forward into the "what is".
#25 Shadow: Some called him the Boogieman but to Peter he was more like a shadow: he dwelled in darkness but was harmless for those he walked beside.
#26 Goodbye: Faces swirled in his mind as he felt his body lose control, and his last thought was of Claire and how he didn't even get to say "goodbye".
#27 Hide: The dream scared the hell out of him and all Peter could think to do was get far away from everyone.
#28 Fortune: The cookie told him he would meet a "dark stranger" (in bed) and he laughed, because Peter knew he was going to see Sylar later that evening.
#29 Safe: When asked why Sylar chose to be with Peter, he calmly responded that the empath made him feel safe.
#30 Ghost: Peter expected a different reunion but all Claire could do was stare in shock, not yet ready to acknowledge his presence among the living.
#31 Book: It was possibly the lamest anniversary gift ever; Peter's defense was that Adam already had pretty much everything else.
#32 Eye: The light that once shined in his eyes slowly faded year after year as Peter watched everyone he loved die around him.
#33 Never: "I am never going to get used to her," Peter said daily, and Adam's reply was always "Never say never".
#34 Sing: Hiro convinced Peter to come to the karaoke bar, but no amount of pleading was going to get him to sing.
#35 Sudden: Sylar said "I love you", and the words were so sudden Peter said nothing in response.
#36 Stop: He'd gotten so used to Elle's electric shocks that the day they didn't come, Peter almost felt disappointed.
#37 Time: A man who could bend time lost all sense of it but Peter and Hiro made sure to never lose track.
#38 Wash: When the daily chores were assigned, Peter somehow landed the job of laundry duty-- because of his more "gentle" nature, probably.
#39 Torn: Ahead was Adam leading him to heroism and behind was Nathan, claiming that it was all a lie.
#40 History: It was just too bad Peter hadn't met Adam sooner or he would've aced all those high school history tests.
#41 Power: Sylar couldn't help but laugh at the helpless nurse below him; after all this time, Peter still didn't understand anything about power.
#42 Bother: Claire apologized for bothering Peter but he just smiled and kissed her, assuring her that that was what family did.
#43 God: If Peter remembered the story right, when Adam tried to be God he was tossed out of Eden... but this Adam had already left Eden long ago.
#44 Wall: Claire was pissed off that after all they'd been through, Peter still forced a wall between them.
#45 Naked: Claude said he watched people in their private moments; Peter never asked if that meant what he thought it meant.
#46 Drive: The traffic in New York was hell, but if Peter really could fly then he would never have to worry about it again.
#47 Harm: Elle seemed happy whenever she gave Peter his daily shocks, maybe because of the many kinds of "harm" she inflicted.
#48 Precious: Those things in the box that made up his identity were priceless when he knew himself; now they were just junk in a box.
#49 Hunger: Adam never explained to Peter why he favored Japanese foods.
#50 Believe: Peter believed in people despite evidence that he should not, and he was so stubborn about it that hardly anything could shatter his belief.
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