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My back is up against the wall while I wait for Peter. He shows up and I notice he's made the thimble into a necklace, and he plays with it with a smile on his face. Quickly he tucks it underneath his collar but I've already seen.

"You're in a good mood," I point out.

"I have a good feeling about today," he answers.

"So do I." I pull out the thimble and run my thumb over it. The thimble's metal feels cool between my fingers. My eyes flicker up to Peter's face. I'm already in Hell; what do I have to lose?

I gently tug on his necklace chain and dip my head down. His lips meld against mine and for once I lose all concept of time. I'm highly aware of him: the soft shape of his mouth, every strand of hair that I run through my fingers. My teeth worry his lip and I taste him.

Peter's hand touches my arm. I can't tell if he's encouraging me or trying to push me away. Uncertain, I pull back and watch him questioningly. He isn't yelling or punching me in the face. Encouraging.

"And here I thought this would be the only kiss you'd ever give me," Peter remarks, fingering the thimble around his neck.

"I thought you would like it better, Peter Pan," I tell him playfully.

"I liked it," he responds as he tucks the thimble back under his collar, "but the other one was better." But he doesn't kiss me back. He picks up his hammer and gets to work.

I join him, humming a little as we work.

The kiss stays with me all day. I lick my lips and think of how Peter's felt, remembering his taste. I wonder if he's thinking about it too?

Later I decide to take a break. I go to the park and sit in the grass. It doesn't take long before Peter joins me.

"I can't stop thinking about that kiss," he says.

"Me neither." I wait, trying to not look too anxious. He sits down in front of me and leans over, capturing my mouth in a kiss. The strength behind it surprises me, and it only takes a moment for me to feel his tongue brush against my lip.

Holy shit. I can't breathe but I don't want to pull away. I feel Peter shift closer and somehow I end up on my back with his weight on me. No nail gun this time.

"Peter…?" I meet his eyes uncertainly.

"I waited four years for you to kiss me," he says quietly. "If I have to wait any longer for more, I'm going to go crazy." He has a determined glint in his eyes that makes it hard to argue. … Not that I would try.

Peter leans down to connect our mouths again; I can feel the entire length of his body. I dare to run my hands against his hips. Slowly they drag up to pull at his shirt. I can feel his hands on me and I fight not to moan.

My eyes graze over his exposed skin, noting how the thimble necklace dangles as he leans down to kiss me. My hands are greedy as they move up his back. It’s been so long and I need to touch him, to feel everything. My fingers tangle in his hair to keep him close even as I fight for breath.

Somehow he slips out of my grasp. His fingers go to his pants, thumb sliding the button out and pulling down the zipper. My mouth goes very dry and I swallow. I follow his lead, my eyes trained on him until he’s completely exposed. I forget to breathe.

“You look good,” he comments. He resumes his place on me and this time I can’t stop the moan. I pull him down greedily so I can feel every inch. I can feel the thimble-- our kiss-- touching my skin. Every nerve is alive and when he shifts it sends a jolt through me.

“Peter…” He shifts again, moving away. His fingers close around my cock and start to slide up and down the shaft in smooth strokes. Oh, god. My eyes roll in my head. All those years of no physical contact were worth it just for this.

I feel something slick on me. Peter really thought this through. His hand keeps moving even after I come undone. I try to focus, to touch him. I know he’s as starved for contact as I am.

"This is going to change everything," I murmur in a strained voice.

"Yes," Peter agrees as he shifts to get comfortable. "It's a brave new world."

He guides himself down on me, painfully slow. God, he’s tight. His hair is getting in his eyes and shakily my hand moves to brush it back. We connect and as one we move to kiss. It feels tender this time and my hands are gentle as they caress his hips.

Peter begins to move and I lift my hips up to feel more of him. We take our time. It feels so good that neither of us are in any hurry. I feel free to brush my fingers over his flat stomach and gently dig into his shoulders, my mouth tasting the heat of his throat and down his chest.

I wrap my hand around his cock and start to stroke him. Peter gasps, responding by rocking his hips faster against me. My thumb grazes his tip and he yelps. But I want to touch more than that so my hands keep going, running down his thighs to his feet.

“Sylar,” Peter breathes out in desire. Desire for me.

I grab onto his hips and jerk up with all my strength. I want to fill him to the breaking point. We bring each other to the climax and I watch Peter roll through it, savoring the noise he makes.

He gets tighter around me and I shudder through my own orgasm. For a moment we are still fused but then Peter moves and I don’t have the strength to hold on.

“I always knew you were a tight-ass,” I remark. I try to play it casual but I can’t hide anything from Peter. That was mind-blowing and we both know it.

“Hmm.” Peter’s breath teases my ear. “I bet you’re one, too.” My tongue runs over my lips and my fingers catch the thimble necklace, letting it roll between my fingers.

“You’ll just have to find out.”
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