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Things had been extremely rocky since that kiss under the mistletoe. Peter still tried to be friends with the serial killer, but... a part of him boiled in anger and hurt whenever they were in the same room. Sylar just left him as if Peter had given him the plague. What was worse, Peter knew for a fact that Sylar had had no problems with kissing Mohinder or Maya. Oh, yes, he was pissed off.

Peter went to his brother's Christmas party in hopes of getting the whole mess off his mind. Nathan and Claire would be there so he would have family around. He decided he was going to have a good time and keep Sylar out of his head. Even though the kiss had played back in his head constantly since it happened. Peter had enjoyed it, and more than anything he wanted to feel it again. But he couldn't risk making things worse between him and his friend.

He never expected Sylar to show up at the party too. Peter spotted him right away (he was hard to miss since no one wanted to be near him) and his insides froze up in surprise. Without realizing it he started moving, and his fist made contact with Sylar's face.

"Peter, what the hell?" the killer demanded.

"I'm pissed off at you, that's what, you bastard!" the empath snapped. Sylar let out a sigh and pulled Peter away from the staring crowd.

"What did you expect? Did I give you the impression I was into that?"

"Yeah, actually, you did," Peter growled. Without warning, he started yelling. "You had no problem with kissing Mohinder and Maya! But with me, you ditched me! You acted like I gave you the plague or something!"

"That's because I didn't care about them!" Sylar shouted back. "I just did it to mess them up!" Peter stared at him, stunned. Did Sylar just...? It was a very roundabout way of doing it, but it sounded like Sylar just said he cared about Peter. His lips twitched into a little smile.

"Oh. Then... that's all I wanted to hear." He went back to the party letting Sylar's words swirl around in his head. Sylar cared about him. That... made him feel very happy.

-- -- --

There never seemed to be a "right" moment to try getting another kiss from Sylar. Sharing a room hadn't seemed like a good idea while they were both trying to sort out their feelings. But the year was drawing to a close and Peter knew he was running out of chances. New Year's Eve was the best opportunity. Sharing the first kiss of the year with Sylar was definitely appealing.

"Hey, Peter!" He turned and smiled as his niece weaved her way to him through the crowd. "Happy New Year's Eve!"

"Same to you." He glanced around and noticed she was by herself. "What, no date?"

"Haha. Very funny," she replied, rolling her eyes. "Look who's talking." He smiled faintly and distractedly searched for Sylar in the crowd. "Promise you'll be the first to say 'hi' to me in the new year, okay?"

"Sure." He couldn't see the killer anywhere, and felt a little disappointed.

"Who are you looking for?" Claire asked him.

"Oh... no one, really." Claire raised her eyebrows questioningly but didn't try to contradict him.

"Okay. Well, I'd better go. I promised Dad I would dance with him." She smiled at him and disappeared again. Peter was sorry to see her go but knew she had other friends to hang out with. He too started pushing through the crowd hoping to find Sylar. Peter was sure the killer said he would be here...

As the minutes drew closer to midnight, Peter was starting to worry he wouldn't see Sylar at all. He checked his watch. 11:58; only two minutes left. He passed by Nathan and Heidi, wishing them a quick "happy new year" before moving on. The partiers stopped mingling and turned as one to watch the ball drop. The descending numbers made Peter anxious.

30. 29. 28. 27. Where the hell was Sylar? 24. 23. 22. The one person Peter wanted to spend time with on New Year's wasn't going to show. 19. 18. 17. 16. Please. Please, Sylar... Peter didn't even care about the kiss anymore. He just wanted to see the man. He could hear the other partiers start to chant the numbers. 13. 12. 11. 10.

He felt a tap on his shoulder. Peter turned, and there he was. Sylar smirked at the stunned nurse. Peter just gaped at him. Carefully the killer moved his hands to cup either side of Peter's face. Peter felt like he was going to pass out. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1! As everyone else screamed "Happy New Year", Peter's lips were occupied. Sylar was kissing him. It felt so right, just like before. Sylar pulled away before Peter could really start enjoying it.

"Happy New Year, Pete," Sylar said quietly.
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