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He sat on the bed, staring out into space. He and Phoebe came up here together and tried to piece things together, but it was difficult. Peter could heal from almost anything: from fire, from sword, from explosion, from an object imbedded in the back of his skull. Yet something touched him there on the Event Horizon. Something that still lingered even now that they were back in the castle.

Things like that couldn’t be healed. Peter ran his hands over everything that he and Phoebe shared here, but it wasn’t enough. Wasn’t enough to drown out what he did. What he tried to do. He attacked his friends, tried to convince them to kill themselves. He became so lost that even the sound of his own wife’s voice couldn’t touch him; not even Adam’s pleads were enough.

He tried to breathe, tried to focus, but he couldn’t. The memories were raw, making him want to escape as far as he could. But Phoebe was there; he needed to stay with her. He needed to-- no, he couldn’t breathe.

Emotions. Pain, confusion, loss, hopelessness. They were pressing around him and he couldn’t make it stop. He had to get out, had to get away from all of the emotions before they suffocated him. Before they drove him back into the abyss.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered to no one. To everyone. “I’m so sorry.”


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October 2013


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