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Peter didn’t mind so much that he only got a few things for his birthday that year. He spoke with Santa personally and knew that something really good was coming to him on Christmas morning. He was even extra good to make sure of it. So he thanked everyone for his presents like a good boy and went to bed early.

Christmas morning came at last )
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Usually when he got home Nathan was assaulted by his younger brother. His shoulders tensed in anticipation as he unlocked the front door and pushed it open. Nothing. He stood for a moment, stunned in disbelief.

Where the hell was Peter? )
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I go out at night
Sleep without the lights
And I do all of the things I have to
Keeping you on my mind
But when I think I'll be alright
I am always wrong

All around him people were sharing fond memories )
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He sat just outside the hospital room door with his back pressed against the wall, resting his head in his hand while he waited for news from the doctors. To the casual passerby he looked worried. And he was worried, but not about what would happen in the hospital room.

Peter knew what would happen when he made his decision )
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“Oh, my friend, it's not what they take away from you that counts. It's what you do with what you have left." - Hubert Humphrey

As each shot rang through the air, Peter flinched against the noise )
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The brothers promised to spend as much time together as possible. It was difficult to do when Peter was busy with school and Nathan was hard at work. But then, Peter was used to not having enough time with his brother. Even so, it was an arrangement the brothers constantly worked on. Once Nathan got married they managed to meet consistently every week.

This Saturday found Peter on the front steps )


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