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It would be so easy to find an excuse for what he did. But deep down Peter knew that no amount of excuses could hide the fact that it was all him. An outside force might have tipped him over the edge, but the core of it was still inside him. The anger was certainly there; Peter had always been the passionate type.

But there was more. It was so easy for his finger to form into a point, for his mind to make an incision into skin, to kill… No, there was definitely some level of awareness in all that. It was a darkness he could always feel but never wanted to face. Certainly it wasn’t something he wanted anyone to face. Once they did, everything would change.

What was he becoming…? Or worse, what had he already become?
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Peter watched in numb horror as Flint's blue flames burned the woman alive.
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The problems we face in our lives, our many hurts and illnesses all leave something behind. Show us your scars.

Explosion )


Exposed )
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5 times you caught yourself doing something you never thought you'd do

1. Shooting Nathan twice
2. Hanging out with “the villains”
3. Calling Sylar “Gabriel”
4. Trying to kill my mother
5. Almost shooting my father
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He sat just outside the hospital room door with his back pressed against the wall, resting his head in his hand while he waited for news from the doctors. To the casual passerby he looked worried. And he was worried, but not about what would happen in the hospital room.

Peter knew what would happen when he made his decision )
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Ten times you thought you lost it all.

1. When my mother called me to tell me Nathan was in a car accident.
2. When I woke up in the hospital after jumping off the roof.
3. When Simone died.
4. When I exploded.
5. When I lost my memory.
6. When Nathan was shot.
7. When Gabriel exploded in Costa Verde.
8. When I lost my abilities.
9. When I was on the run as a fugitive.
10. When Nathan died.
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I feel it deep within
It's just beneath the skin
I must confess that I feel like a monster
I hate what I've become
The nightmare's jus begun
I must confess that I feel like a monster

Blood pooled on the ground from the wound he inflicted )
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Pain and anger still throbbed inside him. If he closed his eyes he could almost feel the knife cutting into his skin again. A compulsive shudder went through his body and he lifted his fingers to brush across the scar that they gouged across his face. Still there, hours later.

Peter couldn't heal from it )
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"...You know when you pray, you are heard, if not by God, then by yourself. When you pray, you tell yourself what you truly want, what you really need. And once you know these things, you can do nothing but go after them."-Helen Oyeyemi.

The last time he stood at an altar was when he was a teenager )


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