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Peter didn’t mind so much that he only got a few things for his birthday that year. He spoke with Santa personally and knew that something really good was coming to him on Christmas morning. He was even extra good to make sure of it. So he thanked everyone for his presents like a good boy and went to bed early.

Christmas morning came at last )
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Peter didn't understand why his father was so angry when the walls looked so much better with blue crayon scribbled all over them.

Mad: Trees

Sep. 21st, 2010 02:13 pm
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One thing that could be said about the Petrellis was that they were all stubborn. Even as young as he was, Peter could hold onto an idea and refuse to let go no matter how many times his father denied him. This was something the boy desperately wanted but unlike with his puppy, Peter couldn’t depend on Santa to give it to him. This was something his father had to give.

Most kids had tree houses, but that wasn't why Peter wanted one )
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Living all his life in the city, Peter was used to falling asleep with the blare of horns and the wail of sirens. To be in a place without those things was hard for him to imagine-- almost impossible. But then his father took him out camping for the first time. Peter never thought there could be so much silence in the world. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. All the sounds he missed were now clear. Leaves rustling in the wind, grass crunching beneath his feet… It was all beautiful.

That night he curled up into his sleeping bag and closed his eyes )


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