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In Peter's opinion, the only talent worth watching was shown by the cheerleading squad.
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The planetarium was the most amazing place Peter had ever seen. He knew, of course, that all those stars existed in the sky. But he lived in New York City where the lights drowned out any possibility of seeing any stars.

He could see how the stars could be very romantic )
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“Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away. And going away means forgetting- Peter Pan”

The wind was bitterly cold against the exposed skin of his face )
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He hummed quietly to himself and turned down the heat. Footsteps alerted him of a visitor. Peter turned, a smile brightening his features when he saw it was DJ. The other boy grinned back, pushing a hand through his messy hair. Peter had to turn back to watch what he was doing. DJ joined him shortly.

Mmm, that smells good )
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Usually when he got home Nathan was assaulted by his younger brother. His shoulders tensed in anticipation as he unlocked the front door and pushed it open. Nothing. He stood for a moment, stunned in disbelief.

Where the hell was Peter? )
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Today marks my third year of playing Peter on the 'net. I admit he's had his rocky moments but I made it this far, and I'm very happy to say that playing him is still a pleasure for me. So to celebrate, I wrote a little non-prompt fic. Enjoy!

Sirens were wailing all around, first closer and then fading into the distance )


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