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He was handsome, with dark yellow hair and haunting hazel eyes. He didn’t look much older than Peter but of course in truth he had the weight of centuries. He wasn’t dressed to fit in with the theme of the club. If Peter didn’t know any better, he would think this guy had accidentally stumbled in thinking it was a human club.

I've heard so much about you )
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Out of all the parts of humanity, Peter missed the feel of his beating heart the most.
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Peter told himself that he was doing all this to protect the youth. And sure enough, he kept plenty of minors from wandering too far in the bar. But then he allowed himself be bitten and ended up having sex. Peter told himself it was because there were no strings attached, no commitment, and he needed that right now.

The truth was Peter was enchanted by this life )
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Two Years Ago…

“What’ve we got?”

“Teenage boy, seventeen years old. Passed out during soccer practice at school. His vitals show he’s experiencing severe anemia.”

“That’s the fifth one this week. What the hell is going on?”

Peter watched the doctors wheel off the teenager )
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(backdated in verse to Sundayish)

"The problem with you is that you're too nice. You still have a heart. Me? I don't have that problem anymore."

The room was dark except for a fire crackling in the corner )
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The two men sat together passing a bottle of whiskey between them. Although neither of them could get drunk, the liquor helped wash away the blood that stained their fangs from earlier in the evening.

In front of them stood a collection of tombstones )
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"I’m terrified that I can’t fix this. That this is just who I am."--Olivia Dunham, Fringe

Peter was stretched out on the bed with his eyes fixed blankly on the ceiling )

Waking Up

Feb. 17th, 2011 08:34 pm
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Peter felt groggy when he cracked open his eyes. All he could see was pure darkness, and when he tried to sit up his forehead bumped up against something wooden. Dazed, he ran his fingers over the cool surface. He needed to get out. Peter pushed against the wood with his hands and knees; the wood began to crack under his strain. Finally it gave way and dirt began to pour in. Peter could sense he was close and started clawing his way up.

He burst out of the ground, coughing out bits of dirt )

Blood rite

Jan. 26th, 2011 07:16 am
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The path to the mansion was a very familiar one. Peter used to walk it all the time before meeting Rigby. Once he fell in love with her he decided not to come back; he knew that no one in the family would understand. But of course they found him. Why wouldn’t they, when he was following his human routine? Now he was walking this path again and entering the mansion as if no time had passed.

It was just Raul, Danielle and Caleb tonight )
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He walked out of the hospital, bidding everyone a good night. It was pleasantly cool so he took a longer way home than usual. Peter didn’t need to breathe but he took in the cool air now, loving how it smelled. He wished that Rigby could be there with him, but it was even more satisfying knowing that she was at home waiting for him.

Peter turned a corner, stopping dead in his tracks )
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The fangbangers were out en mass tonight. Peter remembered not so long ago when he was one of them. He often wore clothes that accented his neck so the vampires would be tempted. Now he was on the other side but none of the fangbangers tempted him. He only came to the club because he wanted to show Rigby where he’d been made.

You died in a club? )


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