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Peter had to carry the latest bag-and-tag into the examination room. The man put up a fight when Peter came to take him. That was quickly becoming Peter’s least favorite part about this job. Most of the people he was sent to collect wouldn’t listen to him; they didn’t believe that he wanted to help.

Peter strapped the unconscious man to the table )
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“She was pretty cute,” Ryan observed mildly. He and Peter were sitting at Starbucks having a cup of coffee before their next mission. Peter was in his own thoughts and wasn’t paying much attention to his partner. Ryan noticed and nudged the empath with a foot.

“Huh?” Peter glanced up, blinking at the other.

The girl at the counter )
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They rocked desperately up against each other, heavy gasps for breath passing through their parted lips when they broke from their hungry kisses. The girl’s legs were wrapped tightly around his hips to keep their bodies close. Her fingers were anchored down on his shoulders and every few moments a tiny spark would pass from her skin to his. He let out a gasp at the jolt but far from stopping, the brief flash of pain made him jerk and push deeper into her body.

Turns out Elle was right: Peter did grow to like it )
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Lately, nothing seemed to be going according to plan. Going nuclear in the skies above New York was certainly not something Peter ever planned on. But it happened and he was forced to adjust to his new life behind the walls of Hartsdale. He planned on staying there keeping the world safe from him.

But once again things took a different turn than Peter expected )
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Peter stood in front of the mirror taking a good look at himself. The last time he wore a suit was for his father's funeral. How strange it felt for him to wear one now as an issued uniform for the Company. He was actually going to go through with this: he was going to be an agent.

He turned at the voice, smiling faintly at the man standing behind him )
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Today was different from every other day. It started like any other: Peter woke up to face a whitewash stone wall. He lay curled up on his side staring at that wall for several minutes. He probably could stay like that all day, and when he first came here Peter spent many of his days just like this. That wasn't the only thing that changed for him since coming to Hartsdale.

Footsteps echoed out in the hallway )
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All I know is you're the nicest thing I've ever seen
I wish that we could see if we could be something

His body was stretched out on the bed )


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