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Peter clutched onto the little black box tightly while he waited for Rigby to come home.
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When he got home the apartment was pitch dark. He opened the door as quietly as he could and set his bag down on the ground. There were enough lights outside to guide him through the dark room.

Peter took off his shoes and pulled off his paramedic uniform )
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"It's no longer a warmth hidden in my veins: it's Venus entire and whole fastening on her prey." - Jean Racine

No one would ever guess that a simple band of gold would change things )
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Every couple struggles with communication at some point in their relationship. Do you and your partner find it easy to communicate or not?

He had the window open to let the cool autumn into his apartment )
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Something pierced through his sleep and Peter groaned, reluctantly cracking his eyes open. It turned out the noise was his cell phone. His body felt heavy as he struggled to sit up. Peter really would’ve loved to smash his cell phone against the wall, but he didn’t have enough strength to pull it off. So he answered it instead.

Hello? )
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Peter went all out for Rigby's birthday dinner. He spread a fancy tablecloth and lit scented candles, had music playing and bought wine. Peter even dressed up like they were going to a fancy restaurant rather than staying in. Staying in was sort of the point since he hoped to take her to the bedroom later.

But dinner first. Rigby was a cook but Peter decided to be the chef for once and make dinner for her. Nothing too fancy, just linguini in alfredo sauce, but he made the effort. Peter took a breath and tried not to feel nervous. This was more than just a birthday dinner. Way, way more.
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The sheets covering his body slipped down his back as he began to stir. Peter let out a tired sigh, pushing his hair out of his face. When he turned his head to the side he saw a girl sleeping peacefully next to him. Peter smiled to himself seeing her there and reached out a hand to comb through the girl’s hair. He tried to be gentle so he wouldn’t disturb her.

It was only a few months ago that Peter was waking up to a nearly-empty apartment )
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For the first time in over two months, Peter was taking the afternoon off from work. When his partner heard this Hesam put his hand on Peter's forehead to make sure he wasn't sick. Peter rolled his eyes a little but he also knew Hesam had a legitimate reason to be so shocked. He had to assure everyone he was feeling okay.

In fact, he never felt better )


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