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Originally written in 2008

This was not the first time Peter had been witness to a murder. The woman he loved was shot twice only feet away from him. He had actually held her in his arms. This time all he could feel was shock and disbelief. Simone's death had been a terrible mistake. But when Adam pointed the gun at Victoria, he knew what he was doing. He meant to kill her.

"She would have shot us both," the Englishman was saying. "There." Peter felt Adam's finger touch his forehead. "There's no coming back from that one."

Peter didn't respond. He was so stunned by Adam's murder that it was amazing he could breathe normally. He felt numb all over. Victoria was dead. She was dead. Adam killed her. The truth rolled over and over in Peter's mind, and though he was staring at her dead body he still couldn't seem to accept it.

"You killed her," he said blankly.

"Yes, I did." Peter turned to look at the older man. There was no remorse on Adam's face, no regret. Only a cold satisfaction.

"There was no reason-- you didn't have to kill her!" Finally some of the numbness was fading away, and now Peter felt hurt and angry. "There had to be some other way!"

"No, there wasn't," Adam replied calmly. "Like I said, she would have killed us both."

"We could've disappeared," Peter suggested. "I could've stopped time. Something!"

"Then she would have alerted the others," Adam said, shaking his head. "We wouldn't have the opportunity to get to the virus. I had to do it, Peter."

"But--" He stared helplessly at the dead woman. It didn't seem right that she should die. But more than that, he hated how Adam treated the whole situation. The way he shot her dead without a second thought, and now viewed her death with cold indifference (or worse).

Adam put his hand on Peter's shoulder, steering the boy away from the body. "Listen to me. I know this is difficult for you. You have a good heart. But sometimes you have to take a life in order to save others."

"I know that!" Peter snapped. "But she was defenseless! You killed an unarmed woman! I don't care what she would have done to us; it wasn't right to kill her!"

"I couldn't let her take you from me!" Adam shouted back. Peter was stunned into silence. Even Adam seemed surprised by his outburst. His features softened a bit and he cradled Peter's face in his hand, kissing the younger man's mouth gently. "I couldn't let her take you from me," he repeated softly.

Peter didn't know what to say. His heart wanted to believe that Adam did it to save Peter, but something ate at him. He could feel that there was another reason behind it. Victoria had known Adam, had known the one way to kill him. She had tried to tell Peter that Adam wasn't to be trusted. Now that Peter saw the man murder, he was starting to wonder.

That was what made this so painful for him. He trusted Adam completely. He had fallen in love with the man, and even gave himself. Peter met Adam's gaze and found the man he loved looking back at him. Adam's eyes were back to being gentle, his expression questioning and hopeful. Peter wanted to trust him... wanted it with all his heart.

"Peter?" Adam spoke the boy's name, his fingers stroking Peter's cheek. Peter could see the love Adam had for him written all over the man's face. He felt like he could trust that. No, he knew he could. Adam killed for him. Looking into the man's eyes, Peter accepted that.

"We be of one blood, thou and I," he said. He closed the gap between them and kissed the man he loved.


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