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His breathing grew steady and even. His fingers were pressed lightly against the wood above him but he had long since given up the fight to push through. Death should have come for him already but still he lingered. This gift that had allowed him to survive the centuries now cursed him to live trapped in this tiny box. Cutting out his heart was not enough. The dragon sought to punish him further.

Time had lost all meaning. In the thirty years he spent locked away he kept careful count. His betrayers were out there in the world growing older and he had to note in his head the progression of years. But now the concept of moments fled from him. He wasn't sure if he'd been here for five minutes or five years. It all felt the same.

In the darkness his mind had wandered the path of his personal history. Dating all the way back to when this began. Remembering how he was guided to become the famous Takezo Kensei, how the dragon had demanded the princess for all he'd given. Each of his wives' faces floated in his mind's eye. He named them and remembered their time together. He recalled the sights of Milan, the feel of his horse as he rode through his plantation, the lights of California.

He tried to keep his mind there but it went on. He closed his eyes, the crooked smile so real in his imagination he could almost believe it was there. The last moments played back even though he fought against them.

Adam wrapped his arms around the warm body of his young lover. They shared a kiss that made him ache; he knew what was going to happen once they got inside the factory. Then Peter gave him that crooked smile, so full of trust and love. Adam wanted to keep him forever. The boy already wore his symbol; he was as good as owned.

"Aishiteru, Adam."

"You don't even know what that means, love," he chided, stroking the boy's cheek. Which of course hadn't stopped Peter from saying it the last time they fucked.

"It's the master word," Peter responded. "When I say it, you look happier. It must mean something to you and that's all that matters." Adam smiled, tenderly cupping Peter's face in his hands and kissing him. He hated to admit it but the boy was right: that word from Peter's lips made him feel... and it made what he was about to do that much harder.

"Aishiteru, Peter," he returned.

They went in together with Peter believing they were going to save the world. And even though the dragon came to barr their path, Peter stepped forward to protect his lover. So willing to do whatever Adam told him. Even if it meant going against his nature to harm others.

It was bitter irony that Adam finally found someone who would never betray him, only to turn and be the betrayer.

This was the ultimate torture: an eternity locked away with those last moments playing over and over in his mind. His lips would stubbornly remember the feel of Peter's soft mouth. His fingers would recall every angle of Peter's body. His ears would echo back Peter's voice. His eyes would retain the image of Peter's smile.

"..Peter," he sighed. "Damn you."

As Peter stubbornly remained in Adam's thoughts, he briefly wondered what the boy was doing now. And when he was going to come for Adam.


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