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In your room
Where time stands still or moves at your will

The layout of Adam’s room looked exactly the same as Peter’s, except it was flipped. Peter had grown so used to how things looked in his own cell that the first moments here unsettled him a little. Adam smiled and slowly Peter returned the gesture. He moved closer, becoming enveloped in the older man’s embrace.

“How much longer until we can escape?” Adam asked him, his fingers gently combing through the empath’s hair. Peter let out a content sigh as he nuzzled against Adam’s fingers.

“I still need some time,” he responded. “It’s a huge effort just to get this far. I don’t think the medicine has completely worn off yet.”

“All right.” Adam pressed a feather-light kiss on the corner of Peter’s mouth.

“Don’t tease like that,” Peter complained. “I hardly get to touch you at all, most of the time. I need more than that when we’re together.” With that he pulled Adam closer so he could kiss the immortal properly. His lips parted before the man could even think of gliding his tongue out.

Peter could feel his breath stolen from his lungs when Adam’s kisses began to grow more demanding. He gulped in air before returning the kisses with eager intensity. His hands slid up around Adam’s neck to keep him close. All the desire that had built up since the last time they were together needed to be released. Urgency pumped through their blood, making their touches desperate.

Peter found his back up against the wall. His hands bunched into Adam’s hair, tugging gently. A soft moan was his reward and Adam’s teeth worried the empath’s lower lip. Peter groaned, arching against the immortal. He felt Adam’s knowing hands slide up into his shirt and he shivered under the touch.

He was forced onto the bed where the kisses grew even more urgent. They could both feel the minutes ticking away from them. Yet once he felt Adam’s weight on him and his warm lips on his skin, time slowed to a crawl. His hands glided up and down the immortal’s back in soothing motions. Adam pushed the boy’s shirt up so his mouth could press kisses along Peter’s abdomen and hips. Peter bit back a whimper.

“Now, now, love,” Adam purred teasingly. “You know we can’t.”

“But Adam…” His sweats weren’t doing him any favors in hiding his arousal. But then, it looked to him like Adam had the same problem. Peter swallowed and ran his hand carefully up Adam’s thigh. The immortal groaned, moving into the touch. “Don’t you want me?” Peter asked pleadingly.

“Yes,” Adam breathed in response. “Yes, I do.” He pressed a hard kiss to the empath, shuddering under Peter’s slow strokes.

“I want you too, Adam,” Peter whispered.

“Not now,” Adam said. “You have to go back.”

“No.” Peter almost growled at him. Every time they got close Adam stopped him, and the rush of time came back on them. “Please, Adam.”

“Not now,” the immortal repeated, his commanding voice silencing all protests. He pulled Peter off of the bed, pressing a few last kisses to the boy’s face. “When we’re free. That was the plan, remember?”

“I know, but…” He tried to lean close again but Adam pushed him away. Peter sighed and reluctantly phased back to his own cell. He couldn’t seem to help himself.

Will you let the morning come soon
Or will you leave me lying here
In your favorite darkness

They were finally free and breathing the free air. Of course, very little of that air was actually going into their lungs. As soon as they were beyond the walls of Hartsdale Peter fell into Adam’s arms and began showering him in kisses. This time he felt confident that they could finally be together the way he’d been fantasizing about for months. There were no time restraints, no risk of being discovered.

“Eager, aren’t we?” Adam teased him with a soft chuckle.

“I missed you,” Peter answered. Adam’s arms secured their place around the boy’s body, holding him close. Their kisses slowed to something sweeter and more intimate. Not that the fervent passionate gesture wasn’t exciting, but now they could stretch out the moments and truly enjoy them.

“Peter…” He shivered, loving how his own name sounded when voiced by that intoxicating accent. “I have something for you, love. To celebrate.”

“You do?” Peter wasn’t expecting this. Adam smiled, his hands moving to tie something around Peter’s neck. Peter lifted his hand and felt his fingers brush leather. “What is it?” he asked, frowning. It was tight against his neck like a choker.

“Something I want you to wear for me,” Adam told him. He too ran his fingers along the leather strap, a slow smile forming on his lips. “I like the way it looks on you,” he said, his voice dipping down to a lustful purr. “Very suiting.”

“I…” Peter blushed, swallowing. He’d never seen Adam look at him like this before. There was always desire and lust in those eyes when they were together, but this time the look was stronger. Adam’s eyes were practically burning. Adam swooped down on him and kissed him roughly. Peter shivered and immediately surrendered, his hands digging into Adam’s shoulders to keep him steady.

Peter soon found himself back in the familiar position of having Adam’s weight against his body. The feeling was growing to be a comfort to him. Grass brushed against his face, dampening his Company-issue clothes. Peter didn’t care. As long as Adam was there kissing him and touching him it was hard to care about anything.

“Adam…” He groaned out the name, arching up against the man. “You promised. When we were free, you would…”

“Yes, I did,” Adam agreed, his fingers running along the leather strap again.

“We’re free now.” Peter arched his neck, pleasant tingles running through his body as he felt Adam caress him.

“Do you want me?” Adam asked him softly.

“Yes.” Peter licked his lips anxiously.

“Beg me,” Adam commanded him.

“Please,” Peter whispered obediently. Something about Adam made Peter want to do as the immortal said. “Please fuck me.”

“Good boy.” Adam bent his head down, pressing a gentle kiss on the boy’s neck just above where the leather strap clung tight to his skin. Peter suddenly realized what that strap was for, and in the next instant surrendered to it.

Your favorite half-light
Your favorite consciousness
Your favorite slave


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