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Peter saw how four hundred years could change a man and could only imagine what eternity would do.
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Has there ever been a time when you were attracted to someone twice your age? Or, maybe it was quite a bit younger than you. How did you deal with this attraction?

He was a lot more than just twice my age… I admit that I was attracted to Adam before I even met him. I wanted to cut myself out of the world and he reached out to me. He talked to me even when I ignored him, and over time I really grew to like his voice. He had such a great accent…

Then of course I met him and wow. He was really attractive. Of course I didn’t get to act on it because we were separated after he helped Nathan. When we met up again later there were so many other things going on that my attraction didn’t go anywhere.

So I never really had a chance to act on my attraction. It just settled in my heart until I lost Adam. I guess it was all for the best…
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Ten times you thought you lost it all.

1. When my mother called me to tell me Nathan was in a car accident.
2. When I woke up in the hospital after jumping off the roof.
3. When Simone died.
4. When I exploded.
5. When I lost my memory.
6. When Nathan was shot.
7. When Gabriel exploded in Costa Verde.
8. When I lost my abilities.
9. When I was on the run as a fugitive.
10. When Nathan died.


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