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He wasn’t sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way Peter started to connect with Sylar. Of course when you were the only two people in the world it was inevitable to connect with the other person. Peter tried to keep a distance between them for as long as he could but in the end, he needed the company.

Peter sat near the wall taking sips of water )
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Hobbies kept you busy, gave you something to do. Peter used to have a hobby of collecting baseball cards and reading comic books. But he didn’t think either of those things would suit Sylar. Anything involving clocks or watches was out of the question, too.

So Peter took Sylar to a hobby shop )
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With a sigh he shifted on the bed trying to find some bit of weariness in his body. But to no avail: Peter was wide awake. He finally gave up the battle and threw off the covers. Quietly he padded barefoot across the floor to the other room.

It looked like Sylar was sleeping soundly )
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"As a matter of fact, yes; I did have plans for today. And us getting naked and having mind-blowing sex was definitely a part of that agenda."

Not what Peter was expecting to hear from Sylar at all )
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"A kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point." - Mistinguette

It felt like months since they became trapped here )
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This was really happening. Of course they talked about it and he knew this day was coming, but for it to be real enough for him to see it was something else entirely. Peter stood with his hands in his pockets unsure of what he should be doing with himself.

Is this all? )
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Every single day he came here and nothing ever happened. The wall would look exactly the same no matter how hard he hit. Peter ran his fingers over the bricks but couldn’t even feel a chip dislodged. Frustrated and furious, Peter pounded on the wall with his bare fists. The pain was almost welcome; it told him he was still alive in this madness.

He came back to his apartment with his knuckles bleeding )
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"We keep each other's secrets, you and I. Where that leads or not, it doesn't matter.”

It was the most natural thing in the world )


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